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Ready to start using Poynt? Using the resources below, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Quick Start Guide

Poynt Register App Guide

Demo Videos
These videos cover everything from setting up your device to completing a transaction.

Poynt Start-up

Activating your Poynt Smart Terminal

Activating with a QR code

Getting Started with your Poynt Smart Terminal

Setting up your Poynt Catalog

Customizing your Settings and Connectivity

Creating and Applying Taxes, Discounts, and Fees in your Catalog and Register App

Poynt Lodging App

Sales and Reports on Poynt HQ

Business on Poynt HQ

Poynt Apps on Poynt HQ

Poynt HQ Overview: Merchant Experience using

Poynt HQ Mobile App

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