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Keep Your Counter Neat

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VERONA Station

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QR order and payment system tailored to any type of business

QR code assigned to each party / table / store will enhance contactless experience




A strong and simple device that can assist restaurant service fully

Help your customer table side without hesitation


Full Feature

Verona Station POS system is a traditional POS system built for the counter, front of house, back office and kitchen.

  • Tool for many business types : Full Dine, Quick Service, Cafe, …

  • Provides all the features that restaurants need

  • Sales report, batch, modifier, or any type of features you think of

Local & Cloud Hybrid

Our system runs on Local and cloud hybrid system which offers accessibility, mobility, and stability all at the same time.

  • Manage your devices all at once

  • Industry top stability even when internet is down

  • Integrate multiple business tools to increase your sales


Elaborated Setting

Verona POS system is built for industry top suitability through very detailed but intuitive setting options which allows our system to fit for any operation system within any type of restaurants 

  • Floor plan, Table Setting, Grouping Tables, Sections for FD

  • Quick Service Solution without Full Dine features

  • Setting for slave unit can be fully managed within master unit


As Verona POS system is built for suitability for various conditions, we also offer mobility through our very own well-optimized computing logic

  • Optimized system to fit your business

  • Lightweight operation on hardware on different specs

  • From counter to your hands and pocket

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